HP Printer Troubleshooting for Most Common Issues

The HP printer is the best yet it is prone to general issues. Troubleshooting HP printers involve simple sets which can be completed in minutes. The common issues that need troubleshooting would be the printer’s not printing or it won’t connect to the wifi. Follow the instructions or contact us.

HP Printer Offline Problem

  1. First, if it is a USB cable connection, remove it safely.
  2. Uninstall the existing driver software from the system.
  3. Eventually, try to remove or uninstall the HP Printer from the system.
  4. Use the HP Official page and download the new updated driver suitable to the system OS. 
  5. Use the system settings and get into the Devices & Printers option.
  6. From the list of system installed names, get the HP Printer and right-click and enable the Printer online option.

HP printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Remove the signal-blocking object between the HP Printer and system.
  2. Get the Wireless settings using the printer control-panel.
  3. Proceed using the Restore Default Settingsand enter the wireless network name and password.
  4. Carry out the Wireless Setup Wizardfrom the Network setup menu.
  5. Complete the Wi-Fi setup using the Deviceoption by entering the Wireless network password and credentials.
  6. Restart the entire device and connect to the active Wi-Fi network connection.

HP printer driver is unavailable

  1. Use the Search tab and get the HP Easy Start on the Windows/Macsystem.
  2. Complete the installation process using the wizard screen directives.
  3. Use the Run>Scanoption.
  4. Now, try to use the Updateoption on the printer driver page.
  5. Next try to turn off the printer devices like the HP printer, Mac/Windows system, and a Wi-Fi router.
  6. Get the new updated driver file and start the printer setup for the effortless printing.

Fix HP Printer won’t print

  1. First, check the printer to other printer-related devices connection & configurations properly.
  2. Try to start the print work using the standard and secured network & power connection.
  3. Remove the print head and remove the visible obstacles to print.
  4. Use the ink cartridges settings and alter the needs. Try to use quality ink to initiate the print work.
  5. Utilize the system settings and uninstall the printer names and add them again using the add printer option.
  6. Restart the printer setup and start the printing procedure. 
Note that the instructions are to be followed accurately to rectify the HP printer issues. Or, you can contact our team of experts to provide professional assistance to troubleshoot the printer.