HP Smart App Overview

The HP Smart App has been designed by HP Printers to bring elegance and efficiency in the way people use printers. The Smart App works in ways that will make printing, copying and scanning files easier. All that is needed to be done is to download and install the app, register, connect the printer. And the HP Printer Smart App is ready to be used.

Hp Smart App Download & Install - Windows

To complete the process of downloading and installing the HP Smart App, follow the below process for your Windows device.

  1. Power up the windows device and turn on the HP printer as well.
  2. TO be able to complete the process, a stable WiFi connection is necessary.
  3. Once the Windows device is ready, open the App Store. In the search bar, type in HP Smart. On locating the HP Smart App, click Get.
  4. This will initiate the download. Following this, complete the installation process.
  5. Launch the HP Smart app on the Windows device and begin the registration or sign in.
  6. On the HP Smart App, click the + icon. This will initiate the connection to the HP printer.
  7. From the list of printers that show up, choose your printer.
  8. This will initiate the process of connecting the HP Printer to the Smart App for a Windows device.
Hp Smart App Download for windows

Hp Smart App Download & Install - MAC

Hp Smart App Download & Install - mac
  1. Begin the process by first powering up the Mac device followed by the printer.
  2. Check for a stable wireless network connection.
  3. Open the Mac App Store and key in the details of the app – HP Smart app.
  4. From the list that pulls up, choose the HP Smart and download it.
  5. Complete the installation and launch the file.
  6. Here you will be directed to register or sign in to an HP account. Complete it.
  7. Then, on the app locate the + icon. This will initiate the connection between the printer and the HP Smart app.
  8. From the list that appears on your screen, choose the desired printer.
  9. On clicking it, the printer and the device will now be connected through the HP Smart App.

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How to scan with HP Smart App?

  • Once the HP Smart App is installed and launched on the device you can begin using it.
  • To be able to scan using the HP Smart app, open the app.
  • Place the desired document on the glass scanner, well-aligned.
  • With the HP Smart app, all that you will need to do is click the Scan option from the tab.
  • This will lead you to a series of preferences to choose from.
  • Complete the settings and click on scan once again.
  • Choose the designated folder and in a few seconds, the file will be scanned onto the device.


How to Fax using HP Smart App?

  • After the installation of the HP Smart App is complete, it can be used to print, scan, and fax files.
  • Take the desired document that should be faxed and place it on the glass panel.
  • Ensure that it is aligned properly.
  • Following this, on the HP Smart app click Fax.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions necessary to send the fax.
  • Then, once all the details are entered, hit Fax.
  • With this, the desired document will be faxed to the desired recipient.


How to Print from HP Smart App?

  • To print using the HP Smart App, the app has to be preinstalled on the device.
  • Launch the app, click Print from the tab and then the document.
  • This will guide the modification of the print settings.
  • Once the changes are made, click Print.
  • On a mobile device, open the document that should be printed.
  • Click on print which will redirect you to the HP Smart App.
  • Make the necessary changes required such as alignment, number of copies and more.
  • Hit print at the end once all the necessary changes are made.

HP Smart App Troubleshooting

It is unavoidable that the HP Smart App should endure a few issues. To rectify these unforeseen issues, we have created a few simple steps that will allow you to remove issues that could be causing the HP Smart App to not function.

HP Smart APP not working on MAC

There could be several reasons that are causing the HP Smart App to not function. Complete the below checks to remove issues.

  • Ensure that the Smart app is updated with the latest changes.
  • Check the same for the Mac device. The latest updates should be made.
  • Ensure there is an active and stable wireless connection.
  • Make sure that the HP Printer and the Mac device are connected to the same network.
  • If the issue continues to prevail, uninstall the app.
  • Complete the full process of downloading the HP Smart App.
  • Sign in to the HP Smart app, using your HP credentials.

HP Smart App not scanning

  • The reasons could be various when it comes to the HP Smart App not scanning
  • The first step would be to complete the obvious changes.
  • Ensure that the HP printer is powered up. Do the same for the device as well.
  • Check if the wireless connection is stable, if it is not, then connect the printer to an alternate connection.
  • Then, restart the device and do the same for the device and the HP printer.
  • As the last step, uninstall the HP Smart App. Clear the device.
  • Following this, complete the reinstallation of the HP Smart app.
  • Install it and launch the app.
  • Continue to sign in and add the HP printer.
  • The issue should no longer exist.