How to connect to a network with the WPS pin HP Printer?

The HP printer can be connected to a wireless network in more than one way. The printer will have to be connected to a wireless connection either using the wireless setup wizard, WPS push button method, or the WPS Pin method. All three means of connecting the printer to a wireless connection are focused to maintain security.

Here are the instructions that will assist users to connect the HP printer to a wireless connection using the WPS pin method.

  • Power up the HP printer – turn on the HP printer and allow it to remain idle for a few minutes. Ensure that the HP printer is in a proper functioning state.
  • Power up the wireless network – the wireless connection should be turned on and the LED lights on the wireless router should be stable. This indicates that the wireless router has an active network.
  • Check the wireless connection – it is important to note that the wireless connection is active and that it is functioning at the proper required speed. The HP printer can be connected to the wireless connection if there is no network interruption.
  • Place the printer near the router – Note that the HP printer should be placed near the wireless router. If the printer and the router are far away, then there will be an issue in the connection process.
  • Locate the WPS pin – The WPS pin is an 8-digit unique code that is generated by the HP printer. The WPS pin acts as a one-time password that will assist in connecting the printer and the wireless connection.
  • Tap the wireless settings on the printer screen, choose Wi-Fi Protected Setup, and then select the WPS Pin method.
  • On clicking this, a pin will be generated with a validity of 60 seconds. After which the WPS pin will not be active. A new pin will have to be generated.
  • Enter the WPS pin on the device and give it a few minutes for the connection to establish.
  • With this, the HP printer will now be connected to the device using the WPS pin method.

If you have faced any issues along the way of connecting the wireless connection and the printer, contact us for expert assistance.