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HP Printer Troubleshooting

HP Printer supports the users by providing various features with user-friendly setup procedures. To bring the best on those features, you need to install the proper driver and other printer software to the compatible system. The major troubleshooting error will be based on the driver unsupported, such error are solved in no time using this troubleshooting page.

HP Driver unavailable Issue

  1. Hit the Programs and Features option from your desktop settings and proceed with further steps.
  2. Check out the printer driver particulars and uninstall the driver if needed.
  3. Connect via the HP Official page and use the driver page to get the latest software version.
  4. Utilize the device manager Option using the desktop search tab.
  5. Make use of the Show hidden devices option and right-click to the desired name.
  6. Choose the uninstall option.
  7. Confirm the uninstall procedure and tap delete the driver software for this device
  8. Get the new driver software with the newest version.
HP Driver unavailable Issue

HP printer will not connect to Wi-Fi?

HP Printer Wireless Setup
  1. Virtually have a look at the printer connection and configuration details.
  2. To exhibit the flawless-Wi-Fi signal, place the router close to the printer.
  3. Select the Setup option using the printer control panel -navigation keys.
  4. Proceed with Network menu->wireless setup wizard
  5. Recall the network name and password to specify the respective field.
  6. Simply, connect to the WEP and WPA passwords while the Wi-Fi setup procedure.
  7. Finish the setup using the wireless setup wizard instructions and preferences options.
  8. Still, the issue remains same, call our technical experts for guidance.

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Printer showing as offline

  • Carefully, turn off the printer and unplug the cords connection.
  • You need to proceed with the disconnection process from the wall outlet cords sensibly from the plug-in passage.
  • On the other hand, get the reboot process done for the entire HP printer setup and access freshly.
  • Tap the Drivers and Printers option from your desktop settings.
  • Get adequate information about the printer and fill the required printer details field.
  • Locate the HP printer name & right-click on it to extract the printer function details. 
  • On the options drop-down menu, select the online option near the printer name.

HP Printer won’t scan

  • Decide the type of connection from the USB or Wireless connection type for your Windows and Mac.
  • Use the search tab to get the settings for the printer scanning to computer settings to start the scan setup.
  • If the functioning driver seems to be an error, you will be unable to use the Scan.
  • Connect using the Official HP site and stay on the driver download tab. Use the list of driver names and pick the driver to be uninstalled.
  • Then, try to restart the entire HP Printer setup using the option.
  • Get instant support by using the HP Scan and Doctor todiagnose the scan issues.
  • Virtually look at the printer for any trouble.
  • Finally, go with the scan option to the selected document.

Why does my HP printer won’t print?

  • First, you need to check using the Programs and Features on the desktop search bar. You will get the list of running applications included in the system.
  • Use the printer name list and connect to the related settings.
  • Proceed using the Devices and Printers option from the search tab.
  • Try to remove or uninstall the registered printer name by right-clicking to the printer name.
  • We have a shortcut to proceed-Run option or Windows + R key.
  • Connect via the Driver tab and type the printer particulars to the requested field.
  • Ensure with ok, once you have mentioned the printer model number and name.
  • Proceed back-to-back using the Print Server Properties Windows> Apply option.
  • Finish it off by using the on-screen guidelines.

HP printer not working

  • On the choice of USB and Wireless, choose any one of the methods to interface the printer and system.
  • Search for the Devices and Printers
  • Select the desired printer name and choose the Set as the default printer
  • Freshly register the printer using the HP Printer Driver
  • If the existing driver presents on the system, just uninstall or remove it.
  • Support through HP Official page to get the driver requirements done.
  • Refill the ink cartridge if the inks are low-level.
  • Clean the print head and install it freshly.