HP Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi

If you happen to see the HP Printer is not connecting to wifi or error code, ensure the error and it’s a usual one to tackle using the given steps. Make use of the given below steps to overcome the HP network-related issues in no time.

You can also have the support of the HP Official page or HP Manual for easy assistance.

Steps to Fix HP Printer not Connecting to Wifi

  • To avoid the basic network-related issues on your printer setup. Try to visually inspect the printer whether it has any loose or misconnection.
  • Then, if not registered to the HP Account, try to register the printer using the HP account. Simply operate using the HP Official page reference.
  • Next, you need to ensure with the Network configuration test page and look whether it has sufficient paper sheets for the input paper tray.
  • If not, open the access door and load the quality & recommended size paper sheets to proceed next.
  • Check whether the printer is free from hp printer offline issues or not. If seen, use the HP Manual and bring the printer to the active.
  • Connect to the Printer’s control panel settings to choose the required setup or wireless menu to launch using the network-related settings.
  • Make use of the needed settings and try to clear all the print queues carefully with your knowledge.
  • Try to Reboot the HP printer & system devices.
  • If any update notification is shown, try to update the Firmware using the stable network.
  • Hit the network settings and type the essential network credentials like user ID & password.
  • Look whether the printer’s basic connections are proper and confirm with the chosen options to move on next.
  • Then, specify the needed network credentials correctly to the stated field.
  • Tip: Remove the visible signal blocking objects in between the printer & wireless router and place the router nearby the printer for efficient access.
  • Do the power cycle method properly and check the printer network status.
  • Otherwise, try to Restart the complete hp printer setup and start the print task after getting the HP Printer’s active state.
  • Alternatively, try the other wireless methods using the appropriate network settings and proceed with printing work.
  • Assign the print job, If you face any issues-Call Our Technical Team for instant support & guidance.

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