How to troubleshoot HP Officejet Pro 8710 printer

Don’t get frustrated on how to resolve the printer’s repeating error- You have a simple solution to overcome these repeated error states using stable network support. Use the given guidelines to rectify the printer concerns & issues.

Offline issues:

  1. Initially, you have to perform the Power-cycling method by turning off and unplugging the cords. Unplug the cables from the backside of the printer to the wall outlet.
  2. Alter the configuration settings to fetch back the HP Officejet Pro 8710 printer to the online mode.
  3. Put the printer to the default using the DevicesPrinters & Scanners option> Print queue.
  4. Carry out using the options like HP printer> Set as default printer.
  5. Generally, clear all the marked print queues under the Devices option.
  6. Next, use the Printers & Scanners option> Print queue.
  7. Finally, run the printer-related queues and delete all.

Not printing issues:

  1. Utilize the Quality Diagnostic Report option and attempt the test print using the printer control panel.
  2. Operate through the settings and connect through the ink cartridge settings to verify the ink cartridges’ ink levels– replace or refill using the HP Premium quality ink cartridges.
  3. Make sure you have slotted the ink cartridges properly to the desired color one.
  4. Sometimes, the vent may block the ink flow and abrupt the printing.
  5. If you suspect any ink clogged error, you may find the printer may not print properly.
  6. Use your naked eye to look at the ink cartridges periodically to look at the ink cartridge levels and replacements.
  7. Finally, ensure whether the ink cartridges are seated properly.

Not printing issue:

  1. Virtually, inspect the printer for any visible hardware damage and process using the HP Officejet Pro 8710 printer setup.
  2. Do the Power-cycling method for increasing the printer accuracy. 
  3. Then, you have to turn off the printer and safely unplug all the connected cords connection. 
  4. Support through the given printer manual and start the printer setup by connecting the required cables.
  5. Do the print test report to inspect the printing output using the Quality Diagnostic Report option on the active printer control panel.
  6. Utilize the ink cartridge settings and check the levels of inks in the ink cartridges– replace or refill by using the HP Premium quality ink cartridges.
  7. Finally, restart the printer once and start the printer.

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