123.hp.com Printer Setup

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hp officejet pro 9025e Printer setup

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HP printers are the perfect choice for all home as well as office printing purposes. For proper printer setup and installation, several things are essential. It includes new ink cartridges, compatible papers, a USB cord, and HP printer drivers.

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hp envy printer Setup

Envy Models

HP Envy is an efficient printer for printing premium quality prints. Several models come under Envy printers.

HP Officejet Printer setup

Officejet Models

HP Officejet printers are mainly designed for business needs. It offers high-quality documents and image prints.

HP Office Pro Printer Driver Download

Officejet Pro Models

HP Officejet Pro printers are the best solutions for high-quality printing. Enjoy professional quality business documents using vibrant color.

HP Deskjet Printer Setup

Deskjet Models

HP Deskjet printers range from small domestic to large industrial models. The resolution of these printers ranges from 600 x 600 DPI to 2400 x 2400 DPI.

HP Laserjet Printer setup

Laserjet Models

LaserJet printers make use of a laser beam to deliver top-quality prints. It uses non-impact technology with which the toner transforms the powdered ink to paper via heat.

HP Smart Tank setup

Smart Tank Models

The HP Smart Tank printers are compact and efficient, perfect to print high volumes. It is notable for its convenient features producing borderless prints.

HP Printer Setup and Installation Steps for Beginners

  • To begin with, take out the HP printer from the new package.
  • Keep the printer in a safe and plain place.
  • After that, remove the printer coverings properly.
  • Connect the printer to the wall port with a stable power cord.
  • Power up the wall port and ON the HP printer.
  • Adjust the HP printer settings and turn ON the computer.
  • Download the printer driver compatible with your OS.
  • Install the HP printer driver with the on-screen instructions.
  • Connect the printer and computer with a wired or wireless mode.
  • Load the proper ink cartridges into the cartridge slots.
  • Feed the printer paper tray with suitable sheets.
Hp Printer Setup

HP Printer Driver Setup Instructions for Beginners

HP Printer USB Setup
  • To begin with, unbox the printer and place it on a flat surface.
  • Power up the computer (Windows or Mac).
  • Get a stable internet connection on your computer.
  • Power up the printer with a power cord.
  • Move over to the device and open the HP Support page.
  • Check the computer OS version and search for the printer driver suitable for your OS.
  • Once you find the suitable driver file, download it on the device.
  • Install the driver using the procedure given on the screen.
  • The installation will soon be complete.

HP Printer Wireless Setup Instructions for Beginners

  • Power up the 123.HP.com printer and computer.
  • Then, make sure that the internet connection in the computer is stable.
  • Move over to the HP printer’s display screen to begin.
  • Choose the Setup menu and move on to the network menu.
  • Then, select the wireless setup wizard and you will see several Wi-Fi networks.
  • from this, you will see a list of available network.
  • Choose your device Wi-Fi network and finish the wireless setup process as per the wizard steps.
  • With this, the wireless setup is complete. Begin using the printer.
HP Printer Wireless Setup

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